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BARN HOUSE // Refurbishment Project

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Project: Barn House

Location: Monte Real, Portugal

Type: Refurbishment

Area: 209m²

Status: Built

Year: 2014-2014


PNAM15 - Honorable Mention for the significant and innovative incorporation of wood derivatives

MOBIS2015 - Nominated for MOBIS 2015 Award

ARCHILOVERS 2015 - Nominated for Archilovers Best Project 2015


Maison Creative - Cubes Équipés

Mobiliário em Notícia - Casa Celeiro

PNAM'15 - Prémio Nacional de Arquitectura em Madeira

Arquitectura & Construção - OSB em alya


João Morgado


The challenge of this project was to recover a 50-year-old half house, half barn. The aim was to maintain the existing memories from a space that once was the stage of such varied experiences - rural stories mixed with stories of young people on a controversial time. In the presence of such a special space, it was decided to protect it and elect it as the protagonist of the new home of a young growing family. A single, new element was inserted into this space, almost like a furniture piece, a concept accentuated by its own materiality - painted OSB. With a very small budget, it was essential to create a compact element, that would bring together all the new functions - kitchen, sanitary facilities, storage and a staircase. This piece of furniture became fundamental in the compartmentalization of the social area of the ground floor, dividing the space between entrance area, living room, dining area and kitchen. The upper floor, which in the past served to dry cereals, is now overlooking the social area and works as a retreat space and working area. In terms of materiality, the goal was to create a comfortable atmosphere. In this way, the wood had become the main actor of this whole project. It is present in the roof structure, which is recovered, painted and assumed; present in the floor, which is covered with 7x70cm pine boards, giving continuity to the pre-existing floor in the bedrooms (parquet of the same wood); and present in the new central element, which is covered with OSB. The choice of the OSB allowed, not only the structural reinforcement of the walls, but also, due to its characteristics, an extremely versatile use, having been applied in the execution of the doors, in the elaboration of the kitchen and storage furniture and in the covering of the stairs and floor - emphasizing the concept of the piece of furniture, initially desired.

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