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Inês Brandão



Architecture has been Inês Brandão’s greatest passion since her early years.

Over the past few years, she has developed a special interest in detail, promoted by the observation of the world around her, in her daily life and her travels.

She believes that the role of architecture is, above all, to serve people and society. The architect must be responsible for designing buildings that fulfil their practical purpose, unite people and connect us to the natural world, preserving precious resources.

Graduated in Architecture in 2006 at Lusíada University, Lisbon and attended for one year the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, Switzerland, at Atelier Zumthor.



Ines Brandão - Arquitectura was created in 2005 in Lisbon, while Inês was still finishing her degree.

Conceptual quality, technical rigor and customer orientation are the main principles of this studio, who covers different scale and purposes projects, like housing, tourism, services and furniture.


Each project must adapt to the place where it is located and be tailored to who will live in it in order to contribute to an improvement in their lives.

The projects have been published in national and international architectural magazines and websites, such as DezeenArchDailyArchitizerArchelloArchitonicArchilovers, among many others.



Inês Brandão


Ana Filipa Santos

Olivier Bousquet



Bárbara Fonseca


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João Aires Neves 

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